Boston Bar Lawyer Referral Service Launches New Website

Monday, December 6, 2010 - 00:00

On Thursday, October 28, the Boston Bar Association (BBA) Lawyer Referral Service unveiled a new website, Driven by a large volume of online requests, the new site will be easily accessible to members of the public, improve usability for attorneys and provide helpful information on a variety of legal issues.

"The BBA Lawyer Referral Service is the only lawyer referral service in the greater Boston area approved by the American Bar Association," said Erin Higgins, chair of the BBA Lawyer Referral Service Review Committee and a partner at Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford. "As people seeking legal help are increasingly turning to the Internet, our website will be instrumental in the continued growth and success of the BBA Lawyer Referral Service. The website will also illustrate for lawyers and other referral sources the depth and breadth of the services offered by participating BBA Lawyer Referral Service attorneys."

The BBA Lawyer Referral Service has been helping people find the right lawyer for more than 50 years - connecting some 10,000 people a year to legal assistance in over 300 practice areas. The new site will allow people to learn about their particular legal issues and how the BBA Lawyer Referral Service works - before picking up the phone or filling out an online request.

The bulk of the referrals to the BBA Lawyer Referral Service come from two sources: (1) online searches and (2) Boston area attorneys who want to be sure that the clients they are unable to serve are placed in capable hands.