Controlling The Cost Of Litigation Discussed At ACCA-SoCal Roundtable

Monday, October 4, 2010 - 01:00

On Wednesday, October 27, the Southern California ACC chapter will present a roundtable discussion, Controlling the Cost and Outcome of Litigation - Strategies to Decrease the Cost and Increase the Chances of Success. It will be held at IBM Corp., 1550 Scenic Avenue, classroom 911 in Costa Mesa.

A recent survey reports that "corporate counsel almost unanimously agree that civil litigation is too expensive," and a respected trial lawyers' association recently issued a proposal to decrease litigation costs. This discussion will examine strategies to control the cost of litigation without decreasing the chances of success, including where to litigate - arbitration or state or federal court; what to litigate - selecting claims and parties; how to litigate - which motions/discovery are the most cost effective; and how to inexpensively increase settlement leverage.

Speakers include lawyers from the sponsoring law firm Hennelly & Grossfeld, LLP. The in-house counsel panel member is Chris Pirrone, former general counsel at Connexus Corporation and current general manager of Traffic Marketplace, Epic Media Group.

This program is free to members. For more information or to make a reservation, contact Betty St. Marie at (213) 443-1105 or go to