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Thursday, September 3, 2009 - 01:00

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Joint Ventures inthe Middle East

Webcast CLE available

Sep 8,2009 - 11 AM ET

OpportunitiesCreated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 in the EnergyArena

Webcast CLE available

Sep 9,2009 - 2 PM ET

ChinaEnvironmental, Health, & Safety Regulatory Update 2009


Sep 10,2009 - 12 PM ET

Managing Risk withCounterparties Facing Financial Difficulties: Practical Strategies forNonprofits

Webcast CLE available

Sep 15,2009 - 2 PM ET

The Decline of theU.S. Capital Markets & SEC Initiatives to Make the U.S. More Attractive tonon-U.S. Issuers

Webcast CLE available

Sep 16,2009 - 12 PM ET

Litigation MastersSeries

Webcast CLE available

Sep 17,2009 - 2 PM ET

After Fraud:Responding to Allegations of Impropriety

Webcast CLE available

Sep 22,2009 - 1 PM ET

China JointVentures: Context, Contacts, and Contracts

Webcast CLE available

Sep 23,2009 - 10:30 AM ET

FCPA and BestPractices in Preventing Fraud and Corruption in a Global Business

Webcast CLE available

Sep 24,2009 - 11 AM ET

Lessons Learned inGlobalizing Your Compliance Program: The Siemens Experience

Webcast CLE available

Sep 29,2009 - 2 PM ET

Financial RegulatoryReform – Full Steam Ahead for Regulators Despite Expansive LegislativeProposals

Webcast CLE available

Sep 30,2009 - 12 PM ET


Experts onExperts: How to Use Finance and Accounting Experts to Prove Your Case


Aired onAug 20, 2009

Data &Information Security: Friend or Foe?

ONDEMAND CLE available

Aired onAug 19, 2009

Cross-BorderRestructuring in the Energy Industry: An Overview of Canadian Insolvency Law

ONDEMAND CLE available

Aired onAug 18, 2009

Employee WitnessPreparation

ONDEMAND CLE available

Aired onJul 22, 2009

Breaking Up isHard to Do: Strategies for Cancelling or Renegotiating Contracts with Vendorsand Customers in Difficult Times

ONDEMAND CLE available

Aired onJul 14, 2009

ManagingDownsizing in Europe

ONDEMAND CLE available

Aired onJul 7, 2009

A New Dawn forImmigration and Employer Compliance

ONDEMAND CLE available

Aired onJun 30, 2009

Employee BenefitPlans in the New Administration


Aired onJun 4, 2009

The Board'sReliance on Corporate Counsel

ONDEMAND CLE available

Aired onJun 1, 2009

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