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Tuesday, September 1, 2009 - 01:00

Thomas F. Segalla,Member, NFJE

Perhaps it's time you learned about the National Foundation for Judicial Excellence (NFJE) and its impact on our judicial system.

It's no secret that lawyers and their clients benefit from a well-qualified and informed judiciary and should be able to appear before a well-trained judge who is in touch with current legal trends.No one can dispute that a well-informed judiciary is in the best interest of everyone engaged in the litigation process.

NFJE was established as a not-for- profit organization in 2004 by leading defense attorneys to meet these needs.The mission of NFJE is to address important legal policy issues affecting the law and the civil justice system by providing meaningful education to the judiciary, publishing scholarly works, and engaging in other efforts to continually enhance and ensure judicial excellence and fairness for all engaged in the judicial process.

NFJE is the only organization of its kind that provides judicial education governed by defense lawyers.Before NFJE, the only other organization reaching out to the state appellate judiciary was the Roscoe Pound Foundation - sponsored by the plaintiff's bar.In the end, NFJE is an important force that promotes a level playing field on behalf of the defense.

Feedback from judges has been extraordinary. An indication of the desire American appellate judges have for NFJE-style training is that the 2009 Symposium reached full registration capacity just two weeks after registration opened.

Many corporations and individuals have provided significant financial support to the NFJE, and the future success of the foundation as the go to provider of education for our judiciary depends upon such support. Please consider NFJE among your annual charitable contributions.Your gift will be as welcome as it is important.

To learn more about NFJE or to make a contribution, visit or call Sarah Ford, Director of Operations and Planning, at (312) 698-6280.